May Newsletter – 2022

Next Level Golf Academy

New in 2022

This year we are getting on the course and playing some golf. Major changes to the way the Academy works are detailed below. The mission for this season is methodical improvement through consistent practice.

Every month Students of the Academy will start by playing golf with the pro. During the round we review specific stat categories that can quickly reveal opportunities for improvement. From there, we schedule a range session to improve the skills related to the goal we set for the month. Finally, we take it back to the course and run through scenarios where we can put our practice into play.

For the non-academy students, packages of lesson time are available and discounts can be applied, see below.

Notes from the Pro

To celebrate a new season, I am offering a limited time Discount Code for 20% off of all lesson packages. If you find it, feel free to follow the link below and enter the code. It expires April 30th, so don’t wait. I am looking forward to helping you play your best golf this year.

Adam D’Amario, PGA

Academy Features

Skill Assessment

Two levels to choose from. The Basic Level offers 3 goals from the Green Tees. The Elite Level offers 5 goals from the Black Tees. Play 9 holes with the Pro every month. Insights from the round will influence the instruction plan for the month.

Range Lesson

After completing the Skill Assessment, we will plan a range lesson to address opportunities for improvement.

On Course Lesson

Finally, we will head onto the Golf Course and work through scenarios designed to test the most recent lesson. During this time we will practice the best ways to utilize the new skills.

Student Achievements

5 Students have earned discounts from last season

Please contact me to get your special discount code

Discounts Earned in 2021 Challenge Rounds

30% off

Doc Seyler

20% off

20% off

Austin Atashian

Glenn Fuller

10% off

10% off

Greg Pellegrini

Eric Grenier

Student Achievements

Pricing Information


  • 90 Min – $150
  • 180 Min – $250
  • 360 Min – $500
  • 720 Min – $1000

Discount Code – SPRING2022

Lesson Rates

  • 60 Min – $100
  • 30 Min – $50


Academy Tuition

  • 4 Months – $150 /mo


Academy Students can apply discounts up to 50%

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