The Pal – Match Play Team Championship

The Match Play Team Championship is cancelled due to low turnout.  To play on Sat. or Sun., submit your tee time requests as normal.

More about this Event….

Event Type: Divisional Match Play (Brackets of 8 Teams)

How it works:

  1. Qualifying on Saturday. Teams will play an 18 hole round Saturday. The brackets will be filled based upon the results of that round.
  2. Matches begin on Sunday. Teams will play their first 9 Hole match in the morning. Return to the Golf Shop to await the next match.
  3. The second match for teams that won Match 1 will continue on through the bracket. The teams that lose match 1 will play a consolation match.
  4. The third and final match will be played around noon. Match 2 winners will play for the division title. The teams that lose Match 2 will play for the 3rd place prize.


  • 2 person team Aggregate Match Play (Divisional Rounds)
  • 2 Person team Aggregate Stroke Play (Qualifying)