Next Level Golf Academy at Indian Hill

How Good Do You Want To Get?

The Next Level Golf Academy is the personal coaching experience you need achieve your goals. Each program will be custom-designed following a 9-Hole Game Assessment with the coach. Together we will set realistic goals based on your commitment level. The coach will then develop an improvement plan that guarantees you reach your goal. If you complete this program and do not reach your goal, you will be coached for free until you do.

How it Works

Play Better, Guaranteed

The Next Level Golf Academy offers an intensive Golf Instruction program designed to efficiently help you achieve your goals. 

Your Personal Coach

Adam D’Amario, PGA

Next Level Golf Academy

Whether you are just beginning your golfing journey, have competitive aspirations, or just want to enjoy the game more, I can provide you with the knowledge and skill set necessary to accomplish your goals. My background as a professional golfer, combined with my PGA of America certification, allows me to educate golfers of all skill levels who come to improve.

As a golf teacher, I will provide you with the information you need to take control of your golf swing.  You will leave each session with a greater understanding of the mind and body connection that is needed to sustain the swing you’ve always wanted.  I don’t provide quick tips or band-aid fixes.  I am passionate about long-term results and lasting success.

 As a golf coach, I will help you to understand the process for improvement and the necessary steps along the journey to your ultimate goals. I believe in building relationships with my students and seeing a goal through to its completion.

If you want lasting results and someone who cares about your success, I’m the instructor for you.